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Stephen Johansen Dentistry
7370 S Creek Road #202
Sandy, Utah 84093
(801) 758-5598

Hours of Operation:
Mon, Wed, Thur 9 AM - 5 PM / Tues and Friday 7 AM - 3 PM

Payment Methods Accepted:
Cash, Check, All Major Credit Cards, Care Credit

Year Established:

Languages Spoken at Location:
English, Italian

Company Specials:
Free Teeth Whitening, 49 Dollar New Patient Special

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$49 New Patient Includes New Patient Exam, X-Rays, and Cleaning. Free Teeth Whitening included with a comprehensive Exam, Cleaning and X-Rays. Coupons must be presented at time of service. Not valid with previous or ongoing work. Cnnot be combined with other offers. Call our office for detrails.

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$49 New Patient Special and Free Teeth Whitening Limited Time Only
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Microscope Dentistry is the form of dentistry where the doctor uses the aid of a microscope to perform the dentistry surgeries. This allows the dentist to perform the surgeries with better precision and accuracy than operating with the naked eye. Many of the procedures that are done in modern dentistry require the use of magnification and many of those levels of magnification are only attainable with a microscope. Microscope dentistry is on the cutting edge of technology and only a handful of doctors in the country use these practices.

Dentistry South Jordan Utah
Dentistry Sandy Utah
Dentistry Salt Lake City Utah
Dentistry Riverton Utah
Dentistry Draper Utah


Typically most dentists who have a good amount of experience will have seen and treated cases that are similar to yours. When considering a dentist I would ask if they do orthodontics. This is an important practice for a dentist to offer as many healthy , crooked teeth are aggressively prepped for crows and veneers when a couple of months of orthodontics would have solved the problem. This ends up costing thousand less and results lasting much longer.

Dentist Sandy Utah

Dentist South Jordan Utah

Dentist Salt Lake City Utah

Dentist Draper Utah

Dentist Riverton Utah

Teeth Whitening

Many times we recommend using teeth bleaching as it is significantly more reliable and effective than traditional at home whitening or any in office whitening available. If you have in the past been frusterated with unpredictable or disappointing results from other teeth whitening results from other methods than deep bleaching is your solution. This method even of teeth whitening even works in the most challenging cases.

Teeth Whitening Draper Utah

Teeth Whitening South Jordan Utah

Teeth Whitening Sandy Utah

Teeth Whitening Riverton Utah

Teeth Whitening Salt Lake City Utah

With a family of his own including two young boys he understands that you want a dentist that will be around for years to come. After attending Brigham Young University, Dr. Johansen then attended Creighton University to receive his degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dr. Johansen however has continued his education so that he can continue to be on the cutting edge of the best technology the Dentistry field has to offer.

Stephen Johansen Dentistry proudly serving Sandy, Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan, Riverton. We provide Dentistry, Dentist, and Teeth Whitening.

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Other's Experiences with Stephen Johansen Dentistry

Average Rating 4.92 out of 5 stars based on 13 reviews. Displaying a total of: 9 reviews.
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I am not a spring chick, but Dr. Johanson recommended straightening a very prominent (sticking out, not attractive) front bottom tooth. I was a little reticent, after having several of my children go through the process in their adolescence. Me? Of course, not me, though I admit to wishing I could grab that tooth and pluck it right out a million times before. But Dr. J persisted, and I am so happy he did. The process was not painful ( I had to brush more often to get the lettuce out of them - good thing), it took only three months, and now they are straight. I am ever so pleased. I can honestly say nothing was ever uncomfortable, the monthly update procedures were quick, and wallah! I am a new woman. Not much younger, but I think perhaps, a little. What I learned: It's never too late. Dr. J and his staff are the best. Yes, for general dentistry, but for braces, too. Bev Pridgen

star star star star star
I have had a problem with my teeth for over 10 years, in which I have been to several dentists who could not figure out what the problem was. One dentists answer was a root canal which I now know was unnecessary. I recently switched over to Dr. Johansen and I am extremely impressed and pleased with his knowledge, expertise and honesty. He immediately knew what the problem with my tooth (I grind my teeth quite hard) that 3 other dentists missed and had it fixed within a week. I recommended Dr. Johansen to my family and friends.

star star star star star
I was lucky enough to find Dr. Johansen through an unfortunate event. It was a weeked and I broke a FRONT TOOTH. I googled "emergency dentistry" in Salt Lake and left a voice mail message for Dr. Johansen. He immediately called me back and met me at his office on a Sunday. He was more than kind about me interrupting his family time. Since then he has replaced 6 broken crowns and given me tools (personally fitted night guard) to prevent the same breaks from happening again. I love my new teeth! He and his staff are kind, efficient and professional. He will be my family dentist from now on.

star star star star star
I've been going to Dr. J for years, and I've had a great experience. One thing I appreciate about him is that he always talks over the situation with me so that I understand what's going on, what my options are, and how it will affect things. A couple of years ago, I had to have some follow-up orthodontic work done because my old retainers weren't doing the trick any longer. Dr. J did fantastic work, and even had me finished sooner than expected. He put in a permanent retainer so I wouldn't end up in the same boat a few years down the road. I would recommend Dr. Johansen to anyone. He's a nice fellow and a great dentist.

star star star star star
I've been going to Dr. Johansen for 4 plus years now and I couldn't be happier. Everyone, from Dr. Johansen and his excellent staff, is cordial, professional, and considerate. Having had difficult experiences with dentists in the past, I can highly recommend this office.

star star star star
I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Stephen Johansen as a Dentist. He is very Honest.

star star star star star
I switched to Dr. Johansen over six years ago and I'll never go anywhere else even though I now live 30 mins away, its worth the drive. He and his staff are great. Even a few years ago when we switched dental insurance and I found out that Dr. Johansen was not a provider, I called Liz and they were able to sign up and begin accepting that coverage. I feel Dr Johansn is a fair dentist, and that he is looking out for my best interest not his wallet. And I have found that his prices are fair and comparable if not cheaper.

star star star star star
Dr. Johansen is by far the best dentist I have visited. He will be my dentist forever more. He uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to do the job right the very first time. He did great work fixing a food trap and a sensitive tooth as well. My bite feels more aligned than ever, and it no longer hurts to eat or drink cold drinks. I had no idea, until after he worked on me, just how sensitive a molar was and how I compensated by chewing almost exclusively on only one side of my mouth. But no longer. Those issues are only a bad memory now. And I just had the most thorough cleaning that I have ever had. Dr. Johansen is terrific! Go see him. You won't be disappointed. UPDATE: I have been seeing Dr. Johansen now for a few years. I continue to be impressed, and particularly with the extra care he has provided to help me manage my sleep apnea. If you struggle with this issue, and find CPAP undesirable, you should really consider seeing him about a mouth piece designed as an alternative therapy. Some nights I use CPAP but when I cannot bring myself to put on that %#$!%#$ mask again I turn to my mouth piece. It is great having alternatives! Thank you Dr. Johansen!

star star star star star
I recently switched dentists and started going to Dr. Johansen's office in December 2010. He has been fabulous. His staff is very kind and helpful, and I enjoy going there. He helped me with getting the perfect smile for my wedding day. I had braces put on in January 2011 and by the time I got married in July my teeth looked a million times better. Dr. Johansen and his staff are amazing, they will go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable during your visits.

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